Our Team:


We have built a very strong Design Team that believes in our mission. We motivate and are motivated by those who have the same ideals as we do. We all have long-term commitments to the company.

Loving Projects is part and parcel of being an Architect. We all love what we do. We are entirely passionate about Design. It does not feel like a job or a duty, but a pleasure to find active solutions to the interesting problems that arise during the span of a project.

There is no such thing as a typical day at work. We come to work and thrive in PPD’s stimulating environment. From an intern to the highest position, we are all deeply committed to our jobs, we share ideas, putting our heads together to envision innovative solutions.

We connect to, advocate for, and trust in each other; we are each other’s influencers and idols.

As individuals, we are meticulous in our everyday tasks, we stay organized and enjoy every moment of the design process. We know exactly how to keep our passion and energy alive.

Our Leaders:

Our philosophy in leading our team is to empower them. Our leaders are competent mentors who manage with integrity, accountability, positivity, creativity, honesty and most importantly, compassion.

Through their experience, our leaders, share exceptional advice and insights that facilitate our growth at a rapid pace, leaving their mentees full of respect and inspiration.

Our leaders are deeply committed. They show us what we are capable of, push us to explore ourselves, and never stop trying. That is the key to our success.

At PPD it is customary to under promise and over deliver.

Our Leadership Style:

We lead by example, inspiring our team through our personal commitment. For us, encouragement and sharing will never be perceived as weakness, it is proof of a strong leader. That is the sustainable platform we have created for our long-term growth.

We aspire to break the rules, and cross the limits of ordinary working concepts. Our working environment is defined by active participation, hands on leadership and regular discourse throughout the design process. Architecture is a taxing vocation and we believe that a healthy mind produces the best work, so we have designed our work flow and office structure in support of this principle.

 Honest – Responsible – Genuine – Imaginative – Innovative – Diligent – United – Comprehensible – Transparent – Passionate – Loyal – Energetic


We thoroughly understand that the environment in which people belong is the dominant matter of whether they find their passion fulfilled and their work meaningful. It is a key driver of motivation and inspiration, and a great proving ground for our creativity be actualized.

We know our designers’ styles, what they want, what they need, and how to make them feel the most comfortable while working.

This is why we have created an environment that enhances our wellbeing, boosts our creativity, and maintains positivity, energy and focus. An environment that empowers, linking inspiration, productivity and efficiency.

An important principal at PPD is that we foster a results-oriented culture. As long as the deadline is met with an exceptional result, we give our staff carte blanche to work, allow flexibility in process and grant them freedom to pursue artistic embodiment of each project’s parameters.  We respect extraordinary design products. Because of this, we are able to provide viable services on almost any size of Project.

This is exactly how our ideas and creativity are enhanced. It is how the drive inside of us is awakened day after day.

PHP DESIGN is the ultimate destination for every Architect.