PHILIPPE PIERGA DESIGN (PPd) is an architecture and construction design company located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Along with our satellite offices located in Maurice and Portugal, we currently work in Vietnam and Europe, and we are preparing for a larger international expansion across Asia.

We provide a wide range of design, construction and investment consultancy services.

With our strong work ethic, extensive knowledge, considerable experience, and professional qualifications, it is our mission to create an aesthetic impact in the design world. This is how we differentiate ourselves in this crowded market, as we understand the long-term benefits, social improvement, and cultural impact that an aesthetic mindset contributes to a project.

Our Designers are revolutionizing the Design Scene by offering very beautiful, accessible, unique and highly applicable Design Products.  We are committed to creating and maintaining core values for each project and inspiring our people to complete this mission thoroughly.

Behind each beautiful Design are our best brains. For us, everything is possible, since we have learned not to set limits for ourselves. We will always find the right way to nurture and develop our brainchild. That is the most rewarding aspect of working as a Designers and Architects.

We are completely fortunate to find each other, encourage one another, and work together.

Philippe Pierga


Philippe Pierga is a French architect with more than 40 years of international experience. He is an aesthetician and he has made innovative breakthroughs in architecture, inspiring number of built works from other practitioners. He has created original and unconventional designs, specifically avoiding duplication. Philippe’s works span a variety classical and modern architectural styles which are informed by a strong understanding of the history, context and environment in which each project takes place. 

After developing his practice in Paris, Philippe focused his attention on Asia’s rapid growth. Specifically the potential opportunities arising in Ha Noi, Vietnam during the early 1990’s. Shortly thereafter, Philippe relocated to Ha Noi in order to facilitate the large influx of projects.  Today, Philippe’s works include a number of towers that define the Ha Noi Skyline.

Some years later, Philippe Pierga Design (PPd) expanded to Ho Chi Minh City, in response to the new wave of hospitality development in central Vietnam’s vibrant coastal region. After establishing a strong practice and completing various successful hospitality projects, Philippe Pierga Design further expanded to Maurice and Portugal, to cater to new opportunities in the most luxury resort destinations in the world.

Today, PPd is one of Vietnam’s prominent architecture firms, exercising Philippe’s 20 years of experience in the country and 40 years internationally.

Our Team

We have built a very strong Design team that believes in our mission. We motivate and are motivated by those who have the same ideas as we do. We all have long-term commitments to the company.

Loving Projects is part and parcel of being an Architect. We all love what we do. We are entirely passionate about Design. It does not feel like a job or a duty, but a pleasure to find active solutions to the interesting problems that arise during the span of a project.

There is no such thing as a typical day at work. We come to work and thrive in PPd’s stimulating environment. From an intern to the highest position, we are all deeply committed to our jobs, we share ideas, putting our heads together to envision innovative solutions.

We connect to, advocate for, and trust in each other; we are each other’s influencers and idols.

As individuals, we are meticulous in our everyday tasks, we stay organized and enjoy every moment of the design process. We know exactly how to keep our passion and energy alive.


Architectural integrity defines a truly great project, and at Philippe Pierga Design, we have decades of experience creating projects with a lasting legacy of elegance and beauty. Our mission is to design buildings that exceed not only our firm’s strict standards, but the high expectations of our clients.

We take time to understand each projects’ singularity, in order to create bespoke design solutions tailored to the individual needs of each client. It is through this mindset and hard work that we are able to find the perfect balance between form and function that our clients’ projects deserve. It is this sacred combination enhances quality of life and elevates our physical world to a brighter future.

Our architects have a robust foundation of knowledge encompassing form, material, structure, space light and function. It is with the careful aggregation of these expertise that we generate the ideal concept for any type of built or natural environment.

This passion defines our firm, and has led to the prestige our name carries within Vietnam, and around the world.


Through decades of experience, practice, and research, our firm’s Master Planning team continually creates functional and refined plans that foster community, efficiency, and delight for the inhabitants. Thoughtful planning and the design of space and light has the ability to impact the subconscious in all aspects of human life.
It is our planners’ goal to spark friendly connections, enliven functional efficiency, and create safe transportation corridors that improve people’s quality of life.

Architecture must be complemented with thoughtful planning to receive the full positive effects from the investment.


MEP Design are essential to a project’s quality insurance, and with PPd’s integrated engineering team we can assure confidence and cohesion with our designs.

Our engineering team’s main focus is to actualize our architectural designs while maintaining all structural and technical standards without compromise. They listen carefully to the needs of our clients and designers in order achieve a product exhibiting both safety and integrity with minimal aesthetic changes.

Our specialists ensure that water, kitchens, restrooms, laundry, HVAC, AV, IT systems and lighting in all of our designs are managed in the most optimal way possible.


Through thoughtful and imaginative Landscape Design, we create beautiful outdoor spaces that not only increase the value of the entire project, but also bring divine balance to a project thanks to the addition of natural elements into the constructed world.

Connecting humans to natural elements and landscapes is integral to mental and physical health. It is a landscape Architects’ job to understand and compliment the physical environments that humanity is built on.

Our team exercises the optimal mix of practical knowledge of flora and horticulture, site engineering, infrastructure and drainage, complimented by the artistic vision to create memorable and unique outdoor spaces.



Complementary to our architecture and other design services, thoughtful and elegant interior design elevates a project to perfect harmony. Our interior designers define spaces and curate the senses. With light, shadow, texture, color, sound, and space, we can transform a beautiful building into an unforgettable emotional experience.

Our interior designers are detail oriented. They know how to find beauty in every space and function of a building, and it is their pleasure to create interior spaces that elevate usability and luxury. They are devoted to designing the ideal interface between human and architecture.

Our unique ability to take advantage of collaboration between our design services, from the first stage of a project to the last, gives our work a level of synchronous beauty that sets us apart from our piers.

All of these elements are synchronously managed to bring projects to fruition that is only possible when each design practice is molded together to form a complete whole.

Our different teams work together in all stages of a project with strict attention to detail, leading to the high quality that defines our company’s name and work.

With Us

There is no such thing as a typical day at work. We come to work and thrive in PPD’s stimulating environment. From an intern to the highest position, we are all deeply committed to our jobs, we share ideas, putting our heads together to envision innovative solutions.

Our Leadership Style

We aspire to break the rules, and cross the limits of ordinary working concepts.
Our working environment is defined by active participation, hands on leadership and regular discourse throughout the design process. Architecture is a taxing vocation and we believe that a healthy mind produces the best work, so we have designed our work flow and office structure in support of this principle.

Core Values

Constantly improving standards, working and management processes, we are confident to bring the highest QUALITY designs, with optimal progress, and cost-effectiveness.

We treat our Clients, Colleagues, and Partners with RESPECT. We towards to the collaboration with the responsibility spirit to maximize value and beliefs.

PEOPLE are the most valuable asset. We aim to reinforce the relationship between the company and our people by promoting employee well-being and self-development. The trail we have blazed is influenced and inspired by our talent top managers.

We believe in acting with INTEGRITY and transparency in behavior expression with our Clients, Partners, Employees and Stakeholders. They are all part of a foundation we are building toward sustainable development orientation of PPd.

Building TRUST and creating sustainable values for our Clients, Partners and Stakeholders is part of everything that we do. PPd has gained trust for our superb performance ability in the Design industry.