Interior of


Sales Gallery

Hai Giang MerryLand tourist area 

Giang Hai village, Nhon Hai commune, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh province, Vietnam 

Modern style 


Hai Giang Sales Gallery



The inspiration for the Interior Design of this building is woven with the flows and curves of the building’s form. With a modern and luxurious design line, the perceptible style of Sales Gallery Hai Giang is carefully filled with delicate details, where functionality effectively performs. 

Trees and waterfalls combine with the light and the winding lines of architecture, creating a harmonious space for the interaction between people and nature. At the same time, the contrasting color palette helps evoking a new attraction, just enough to elevate the mood of the visitor when entering this space. 


Luxury comes from delicacy. 

The sublime landscape invades the interior space thanks to a wide array of glass surfaces, allowing natural light to come in. The subtle and carefully-considered use of artificial lighting fixtures enhances the environment and brings outdoor design to a different level of sophistication. 

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