Our Profile

PHILIPPE PIERGA DESIGN (PHP DESIGN) is an architecture and construction design company located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With an additional satellite office located in Mauritius, we currently work in Vietnam and Europe and we are preparing for a larger international expansion across Asia.

We provide a wide range of architectural, interior design, engineering and construction consultancy services. 

With our strong work ethic, extensive knowledge, considerable experience, and professional qualifications, it is our mission to create an impact that brings about progress and positive change to the built environment. 

Our Designers are revolutionizing the Design Scene by offering very beautiful, accessible, unique and highly applicable Design Products.  We are committed to creating and maintaining core values for each project and inspiring our people to complete this mission thoroughly.

Behind each beautiful Design are our best brains. For us, everything is possible, since we have learned not to set limits for ourselves. We will always find the right way to nurture and develop our brainchild. That is the most rewarding aspect of working as a Designers and Architects. 

We are completely fortunate to find each other, encourage one another, and work together


Philippe Pierga


Philippe Pierga is a French architect with more than 40 years of international experience. He is an aesthetician and he has made innovative breakthroughs in architecture, inspiring number of built works from other practitioners. He has created original and unconventional designs, specifically avoiding duplication. Philippe’s works span a variety classical and modern architectural styles which are informed by a strong understanding of the history, context and environment in which each project takes place. 

After developing his practice in Paris, Philippe focused his attention on Asia’s rapid growth. Specifically the potential opportunities arising in Ha Noi, Vietnam during the early 1990’s. Shortly thereafter, Philippe relocated to Ha Noi in order to facilitate the large influx of projects.  Today, Philippe’s works include a number of towers that define the Ha Noi Skyline.

Some years later, Philippe Pierga Design expanded to Ho Chi Minh City, in response to the new wave of hospitality development in central Vietnam’s vibrant coastal region. After establishing a strong practice and completing various successful hospitality projects, Philippe Pierga Design further expanded to Mauritius, to cater to new opportunities in one of the most luxury resort destinations in the world.

Today, Philippe Pierga Design is one of Vietnam’s prominent architecture firms, exercising Philippe’s 20 years of experience in the country and 40 years internationally.