Architectural integrity defines a truly great project, and at Philippe Pierga Design, we have decades of experience creating projects with a lasting legacy of elegance and beauty. Our mission is to design buildings that exceed not only our firm’s strict standards, but the high expectations of our clients.

We take time to understand each projects’ singularity, in order to create bespoke design solutions tailored to the individual needs of each client. It is through this mindset and hard work that we are able to find the perfect balance between form and function that our clients’ projects deserve. It is this sacred combination enhances quality of life and elevates our physical world to a brighter future.

Our architects have a robust foundation of knowledge encompassing form, material, structure, space light and function. It is with the careful aggregation of these expertise that we generate the ideal concept for any type of built or natural environment.

This passion defines our firm, and has led to the prestige our name carries within Vietnam, and around the world.